Stars Without Number: Scum & Villainy

Hard Light System

Well, that was a short job. The trip as security/technical crew on the Nobru was short lived. Apparently this Brightside Station you’ve arrived at is some sort of backwater mining operation. The Nobru docked to pick up it’s cargo and all of a sudden you’re told there’s been an accident on the station and you’re to offload. A bunch of severely injured miners are taking your berths on the Nobru and the company is stranding you at Brightside until the next freighter arrives to pick up the next novium shipment.

Your room and board is being paid for by the company. And by some miracle this dead-end place has a bar and brothel so it might not be all bad. There’s also some weird alien ruins in the asteroid field surrounding the Beast. So some profit might be had too.

After talking to station manager Yash Dutta, you find out you might be able to make some money plundering the sky tombs. He says to talk to Marius Rochambeau, the Stoltmann & Haar Research representative on the station. He says he can pay for alien artifacts recovered from the sky tombs. He even has the orbital coordinates for an unexplored tomb. The party has no transport, however. Marius says to talk to Ranse Hardlee, a system shuttle pilot. Ranse says he can do one free trip, after that the party needs to pay. The party prepares their supplies, and they head for Ranse’s ship, the Leadbelly.

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