Cpl. Tina "Tiger" Torres

Cocky Space Marine


Homeworld: Tlapan
Background: Soldier
Training: Space Marine

STR: 14 (1)
DEX: 15 (1)
CON: 10 (0)
INT: 9 (0)
WIS: 12 (0)
CHA: 10 (0)

HP: 16
AC: 4
Credits: 0
XP: 4010
Level: 3

Combat/Energy Wpn: 1
Combat/Primitive Wpn: 0
Combat/Projectile Wpn: 0
Combat/Unarmed: 0
Culture/Spacer: 0
Culture/Tlapan: 0
Exosuit: 0
Leadership: 0
Tactics: 1
Tech/Astronautic: 0
Unspent: 2

Combat Field Uniform
Survival Kit
Lazarus Patch (0)
20 rounds ammunition
5x rations
Plasma Projector (2d8, 50/100, 6 rounds)
Casey said I had a Vacc Suit


“Yeah, same story here. Babysitting mission goes bad in a high speed debris field. Except Mister Congeniality here — " She smirks and jabs a thumb in Ryedius’ direction, " — decides to take a little look-see in the comms repair access shaft. He won’t tell you but he has himself pegged as some sort of miracle repair ninja, thought he could patch it all up. Except those sections were getting jettisoned because they got turned into sieves, so I yanked his repair ninja ass back into the main module before he had time to argue about it.

She gives a rough scrub to her hair and looks sour for a moment. "So we were stuck in what was left of our crippled ship, autopiloting it back to Gateway for what, five days? No fun. No fun at all. And then when we do make it back some pencil pushing no-nothing tells us — us, survivors and all that — that we ’weren’t his problem’! Not on his list, ship wasn’t in his section, blah blah. I don’t think he looked up from his work the whole time. Asshole.

“Huh, about me? Well, what you see is what you get. I’ve got great aim and made Corporal. I’m no idiot and got no time for them besides. I got skills, ya know, and I ain’t afraid to work hard. But right now, I got nothing. No roof over my head, no money, no way off this shithole planet, with just the clothes on my back and this guy. Don’t imagine you’d consider hiring a couple vets, would you?”

32 years old, 5’6", 140 lbs.
black hair, brown eyes, olive skin
large tattoo of a Mayan style tiger head on her shoulder

Cpl. Tina "Tiger" Torres

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