Psychic Criminal


Home world: Gateway
Background: Scholar
Training: Criminal Mind

STR: 13 (0)
DEX: 12 (0)
CON: 11 (0)
INT: 12 (0)
WIS: 14 (1)
CHA: 11 (0)

HP: 8
AC: 5
Credits: 50

Culture/Criminal: 0
Culture/Gateway: 0
History: 0
Instructor: 0
Persuade: 0
Science: 1
Security: 0
Stealth: 0
Tech / Medical: 0
Tech / Psitech: 0
Unspent: 0

Precognition lvl 3
Teleportation lvl 2
Biopsionics lvl 1

Void Carbine

Monoblade (0, 1d8+1, 6/9)
Void Carbine (0, 2d6, 100/300)


Much to Xen’s parent’s horror, they became aware of his “abilities” at a rather young age. They reached out to the Psychic Academy on their home world but could not afford the ghastly tuition. A friend of a friend said that they knew of an old coworker that had a psychic cousin that was taken in by a rogue Mentor. After exhaustive research, they were contacted by a man who said he could help Xen and his “condition”. The one condition was that since unlicensed Mentoring was against most laws, Xen would have to go away with the man and may never return, for his and his parents own safety. At the end of their resources, his parents agreed and bid a gut wrenching farewell to their only child.

Upon reaching his new home Xen discovered that he was now a part of an underground Psychic academy. Here, budding psychics were not only taught how to use their power but also how to fend for themselves and their new “family”. A kind of Psychic thieves guild was being established as the Mentor as the leader and key beneficiary. The mentor would hire out his student to partake in heists and help other criminal organizations find and fence Psychic artifacts.

One day, after an apparent mission gone wrong, the mentor was accused of double dealing one of the more nefarious crime syndicates and the academy was attacked and the mentor and most of the students were killed. Xen, being one of the slipperier of the group was able to escape with only minor injuries. Since then he has been plying his new trade wherever he can, hoping to find a new more permanent group to settle in with.


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