Republic of GatewayGateway
Major Worlds: Gateway
Population: 3,215,000
Capital City: Touchpoint, pop. 455,000
Head of State: President Dolores Santos
Atmosphere: Breathable, non-allergenic
Climate: Tropical lowlands and verdant rain forests leading up to cooler grassy plateaus and snowy mountains.
Major Cities: Keyhole, pop. 305,000; High Cape, pop. 155,000; Silverline, pop. 124,000
Government: Representative democracy, with local regions electing Council Representatives and regional Senators. Government is clean and honest here on Gateway, as befits the former capital of the sector under the Terran Mandate.

Welcome to Gateway, spacer! We’re glad to have you! But before you pull on your shore suit and hit the town, let us at the Gateway Navigation Bureau tip you off on the lay of the land. Don’t worry. You’ll be having plenty of fun here if you’re willing to behave.

Weapons are restricted to sidearms only while within city limits. No explosives, either! Outside city limits, you can pack what you like so long as it’s man-portable. Individual establishments may limit permitted sidearms. Keep your rifles aboard ship unless you’re planning on doing some hunting. Armor is restricted to civilian-grade protective suits within city limits. Keep that engine room exosuit aboard the ship, spacer! The shore patrol will have to play rough if stun batons won’t settle down a situation.

Drugs and Alcohol of all kinds are permitted on Gateway. Handle your fun, spacer. Intoxication is an aggravating factor in criminal infractions. Prostitution, Gambling, and Dancing are all on tap here on Gateway. But remember to mind your manners! Roughing the boys and girls or stiffing the house is a good way for the shore police to find you in a real bad way when they come to arrest you. Our shore patrols are not famously sympathetic to troublemakers.

Bunker Salvaging is a great way to try for a few bonus credits on a long layover. Just register with the Gateway Salvage Board, and you can be added to the list of authorized bunker salvagers. Hundreds of antique pre-Scream bunkers, villas, and fortified compounds await men and women brave enough to crack them open and shake out the loot! Please file an updated next-of-kin form before registering with the Salvage Board.

Looking for work? Check in at the Spacer Brotherhood Hall at the Touchpoint Spaceport. Captains are always looking for new hands, and a seasoned spacer like you is sure to find a quick berth offworld! In fact, we here at the Bureau are hoping you find one real soon after you’re done having fun!

This system registry sponsored by our friends at…
Rusty Jack’s Spaceport Bar ComCode A887BH
Touchpoint’s favorite watering hole for spacers from around the sector. Friendly barkeep, strong drinks, and ship-calibrated air recirculator for that homey starship smell.

Miss Lucille’s House ComCode 7B144G
Clean and affectionate service for the lonely spacer. All tastes accommodated at reasonable prices, with medical records available for inspection. Temporary help hired seasonally during naval exercises.

Brannigan’s Supply ComCode 199HJ1
If it shoots, beams, cuts, or crushes, Brannigan can get it for you cheaper! Full range of bunker salvage supply available as well. Preowned pieces available at deep discounts.

Old Way Temple ComCode TLALOC
Feeling lost? Unsure about your future in this uncertain cosmos? Come talk to us. The Teotl can help you find a clean heart in a strong body. Free meal offered nightly after the sermon.


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