Dakkon Ryedius

Space Marine


Background: Security Crew
Training: Space Marine

Strength 14 (1)
Dexterity 14 (1)
Constitution 10 (0)
Intelligence 17 (1)
Wisdom 15 (1)
Charisma 7 (-1)

HP: 8
Languages: English / Nauthal
Homeworld: Gateway

Combat/Gunnery +0
Culture/Spacer +1
Security +0
Tactics +1
Combat/Energy Weapons 0
Combat/Primitive 0
Exosuit 0
Tech/Astronautics 0

Credits: 0
Woven Body Armor
Laser Rifle
Powercell, Type A x5
Vacc Suit


“Yeah, all the posters say ‘Join up! See the universe!’” he takes another drag from his cigarette. “You’ll see it alright. The only view out the window of the barren asteroid they station you on is the universe. All the blackness of space right there for you to enjoy.” Another drag follow by a slow exhale of smoke. “The damn force is too big for itself now. No reason to move troops around, they just put you somewhere and forget about you. Till some fool spacer gets stuck out in the black, they scramble through the records and suddenly remember they put you out there too. All of a sudden you get orders. ‘Go out and save them’, ‘Simple rescue mission’, as if they know what they’re talking about. Damn paper pushers just tell you what’s on their sheet as if it’s its got all the knowledge in the universe written on it.” He spits. “‘Head on in, shouldn’t take but a few hours to get them out again.’ They don’t care about the radiation in the nebula and the high speed debris that caused them to be stranded. Same stuff tears holes in your ship, kills of your squad. Losses get too high and the paper pushers cross you off their sheet, all of a sudden you no longer exist. Doesn’t matter that you coax your ship to limping back from that damn mission. ’You’re not on my sheet, nothing I can do for you’. Was fine by me, I had my fill of their orders anyway.” A wry smile. “Their signs were missing a sentence, once they’ve had enough of you… that’s when you get to see the universe.”

Dakkon Ryedius

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